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latch74 - locking part. elegant & flexible

The locking part "latch74" unites the 3-dimensional adjustment with an elegant design.

With a 90 ° mounting possibility, the "latch74" is used for swing doors and drawers.

The integrated ejector with a force of 5,4N opens the door automatically as soon as the lock is unlocked. Hinges with locking function can cancel this function.

Thanks to the elegant cover, the mechanism is protected against dirt and can also be cleaned easily.

The assembly and the fine adjustment of the locking part are simple and can be done in a very short time with standard screwdrivers.

Carbon-reinforced material as well as high flexibility due to the adjustability in height, depth and to the side mark the locking part.

Ideally, the locking bolt is located exactly in the middle after assembly.

The integrated rated breaking point of 35 kg protects the furniture in case of forced opening.

The "latch74" locking part is available under the following item numbers:

• “latch74“ with rated breaking point
• “latch74s“ without rated breaking point

3071s - without rated breaking point

With a V2A stanless steel part, this locking device has a breaking point of around 200 kg.

Article number: 3071s; Customs tariff number: 83024200; Order quantity: 100
Prices on request; Country of origin: Austria

Latch75 - frontal locking device

This latch is used at sliding doors as well as at the back wall of a drawers.

The latch has a predetermined breaking point of 35 kg.

The flexible pin allows a tolerance +/- 2 mm.

3070 - mini locking device for electronic locks

• compact and neat design
• Easy to install
• Screw provided
• No predetermined breaking point
• Tolerance +/- 1.0 mm.

• Glass doors
• Sliding doors
• In combination with almost all locks.
• 12.5 mm diameter

Article number: 3070; Customs tariff number: 83024200; Order quantity: 100
Prices on request; Country of origin: Austria


Stockholm furniture & light fair 6-10. Febraury 2018
Schreiner Menusisier Kloten Switzerland 07-10.March 2018
Holz-Handwerk Nürnberg Germany 21–24. March 2018
mebel expo Tashkin Uzbekistan 24-26. April 2018
Security Essen Germany 25-28. September 2018


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